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Each sculpture is unique, and commissions are welcomed!
Have a special part of your garden or home that would be enhanced with a unique metal sculpture?  Need a perching place for wild birds, but want to decorate your garden at the same time?  Think you would LOVE to have a metal sculpture, but the word "commission" sounds sooooooo expensive?  

Call me and let's talk.  My approach to personal commissions is straight-forward, refreshing and not intimidating.  I want to learn about your garden or home, understand your thoughts and discuss your expectations.        
Creating smiles, one sculpture at a time :)
Mansell commission
"It Tolls for Many"
Sharon Luckmann commission
Some recent commissions
."Free Wheeling"
Commissioned by:
Heartstone Vineyard
"Weighting Station"
Commissioned by:
Doug & Tamara Cover
"My Laguna"
The Laguna de la Santa Rosa Foundation commission
Creating smiles, one sculpture at a time :)
"My Sun and Moon"
A portion of the wall triptych Cover commission
"Rustic Regalia"
Eckstein commission
"Hi Ho Silver"
Abramson commission
"Majestic Symphony"
Persinger commission
Eckstein commission
"Clarion Call"
Poncia commission
Levins commission
"Sun Over Cobb Mountain"
Mary & Fred N. commission
"Earth, Wind & Fire"
Woods commission
"How we roll...!"
Jean & John commission
"Serendipitous Sounds"
Natalie & Gregg commission
"Ruby Resonance"
Rice commission