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Jan Schultz
I look forward to talking with you about metal sculpture ideas for your home or garden!

Creating smiles, 
one sculpture at a time :)

"Dumpster diving" takes on a whole new meaning if you are a metal sculptor using vintage metals.  Always having a pair of gloves in my car comes in handy when there is a discarded, unwanted, yet interesting piece of metal just waiting to be discovered for another debut.                                 
With degrees in English, Speech Communication and Psychology, and recently retired from a full time job as the Sr. Director of Innovation for an insurance company, donning a welding mask, fireproof jacket and work boots might seem a bit out of character for 5'4" woman!  But that's no more out of character than it is for my husband to cook a wonderful gourmet meal.

​Living on 3 acres in Petaluma California provides the perfect atmosphere to continually be inspired by nature, garner energy and gain design insights from the beautiful Sonoma County surroundings.

Please feel free to email any time or call from 8:30AM to 8:30 PM.
                           I look forward to hearing from you!